B is for the batter
You give us every day.
I’m sure my tears won’t patter
Your gravestone one day.
I wish you could just go and let me be
The person I want to be,
And that is me.

U is for ugly.
Oh yes, these bruises are
The sign of you being a bully.
You wanna leave me with scars!
You cause me so much pain,
And what are you to gain?

L is for love lost.
You think bullying is the rule.
I am beaten, broken, and lost
Because you were so cruel.
When will you realize you were never cool?
In fact you are the biggest fool!

L is for my lacking life.
You laugh and call me a retard.
It’s like you’re using a knife
To carve out all my innards.
The stones you throw and the words you say,
That pain will never go away in one day.

Y is for you,
The biggest bully ever.
I wish people could stop you- stop you forever.
For if your evil plan is allowed to go on,
Everyone in the world shall be done wrong,
And they shall all suffer from the pain you have begun.

You ain’t got no alibi.
You a bully, yeah, yeah.
You a bully!

Pain in my body is even worse,
But I smile at your little curse.
I’m the better person; yes, it’s true.
Hey, bully, this is just for you.
Even if I am alone, I shall be stronger than you.

By: Munira