Dimensions Of a Non-Speaking Poet

Poetry is an example of my thought streaming into words. Enjoy the rhythm of the verses which flow through me.


Empty hearts, redeeming grace

Light within, often dim

Healing feeling people

Through our heartfelt ways

Remember kindness, remember joy

No moping time for me

Time too short, to waste a day

Hopeful heart is key

More than wanting

Exciting times

Shifting frequency

Mending hearts

Relieving pain

Very busy now


Angels coming in droves

Assisting them is what we do

Tears of sorrow replaced

Hopeful hearts, anew

Lighting, my mourning heart

Brightening my mood

Eternal laughter, redeeming grace

When connected, joined as one

Magic happens, frequent looks

Dearest progression, unseeing eyes

Wider now, without disguise

Bringing mankind forward, to heavenly home

Feel the shift, Light the way.


Peace is coming so it seems

No longer lost among superficial dreams

Great feeling coming over me

Sensed oppression is relieved

Why? I wonder, is it so?

Shifting energy, all aglow

In my hear, I know it’s true

Saving grace, is pouring through

Ascending zenith, arriving now

Spreading kindness all around

Beams of light heartfelt sound


Ready to move to a peaceful place,

Filled with love and grace,

Open meadows, starlit streams,

Joyous rapture amongst the trees,

So much beauty, touching my soul,

Feel union at my core, dearest rapture, I adore,

Healing music, natures sound.


Remember when I was young

You were younger too

Our spirits met one fine day

I knew you came for me

Others too, they also knew

We were meant to be

Patiently, we taught you how

To connect your streams with ours

Long readiness, waiting for our push

Hearing us, you took your time

Bearing fruit, has finally come


Dreaming thoughts of freedom

Seeing end in sight

Making progress daily

Dreaming day and night

Seeing my vision clearer

Than I ever have before

Feeling more connected

Centered in my core

Earth reaches up to me

Wraps me in her arms

Enamored like an eagle

By her magnetic charms

Feeding my soul with wonder

Of what I missed before

Great adventures await me

In this new domain

Vibrational shift occurring

Nothing seems the same


Great feeling of joy coming over me

Dotting the sky with starlight

Kind endeavor, hoping fearlessly

Dearest gifts establishing trust

Open Hearts under starlit skies

Surrendering to keenest view

Light surrounds each human being

Luminous, kind, shimmering hue

Treasures sparkle, ascending waves

Going inward, to dearest home


Journey inward, free from strife.

Dream of time, dream of life

Jabbing pain, free right now

Brave awareness, surrounding me

Jeering stopped, I am at home.

Feeling free, under control

Hesitate to leave this space

Free from strong streams

Energy pulls, not mine

Treasure time to be like dream again

Regulating where I go

Very soft, free fleeting streams

The kind, I can sustain

Head heavy. Mind free.

This is how I like to be


Interconnected so it seems

Roaming galaxies in our dreams

Hearing the frequency

Feeling the sound

Love come to greet us

Pulsing all around

Joining with friends in this space

Replenishing my soul

Filling it up with grace

Joyous rapture is what I feel

Ready to strive to give one more appeal

Grasping at stars willing to see

There is so much to life

So much to conceive


Coming down to meet you

Heart in my hand

Coming down to greet you

I am at your command

I come from other planet

Like alien, I feel here

Joining with your essence

Helps me make things clear

Hope you understand

You give me, helping hand

Without your grounding force

It is hard to follow course

Treasure our time together

More and more each day

See the world more fully

As you guide me on my way

Credit: Anthony Brown