Dino, Dino, Who Will It Be?

Dino, Dino, who will it be?

T-Rex, T-Rex, your roar ferocious and loud,
Standing on its hind legs, tall and proud.

Stegosaurus, Stegosaurus, your back lined with spikes,
Move away now, before he starts to strike!

Brontosaurs, Brontosaurs, your neck lean and long,
Reaching for the branches, elegant and strong.

Pterodactyl, Pterodactyl, soaring through the sky,
Hopefully, YOU won’t become what catches his eye!

Triceratops, Triceratops, your horns in three,
I hope he’s not the last thing you’ll see!

Raptor, Raptor, your body small and fast,
Hurry, hurry, don’t be last!

Dino, Dino, who will it be?
All of the dinosaurs, so interesting to me!

By: Allison M. Kupiec