Kind, Joyous, Amazing Best Friend

You have become my closest friend.
It’s been just about a year,
And you’re the one I turn to
When I’m down and need an ear.

Ever since the day you told me your secret,
I have changed my ways for the better,
And I started to feel
Like I actually matter.

You have always been there for me
As I have been for you.
I hope we never drift apart.
I don’t know what I’d do without you.

You’ve become so important in my life.
Things would be different without you.
I’d still be a bit of a tool,
And I’d always be feeling blue.

I thank you for all the times we’ve shared.
It has been the best year ever.
Even when we go our separate ways,
The bond we share, I will never sever.

By: Kody Stegmann