How to Have a Great Relationship ~ Couples Only

Couples have roles to play

Couples have to accept the fact that they both have separate and crucial roles to play in the relationship. No wonder the bible said that a man should love his wife and a woman should respect her husband. This portrays the fact that couples must work and show love to each other in the relationship so as to have a great relationship together. The bible made a simple statement of fact and structure which equates that love is respect and respect is love. Men are meant to love their wives while women are to respect their husbands. Do you understand the meaning of my statement of calculations? It simply means that out of the abundance of love comes respect and out of the abundance of respect comes love, it further means that both the man and the woman have to love and respect each other clearly and should learn to express their romantic feelings to each other.

Understanding your partner

Understanding the nature of whom you are going out with is very important, even if you both are married, you both still need to be studying each other so s to understand how each other functions. Love all about understands and without understanding, no relationship will have any long lasting love in it. Love is unique and must be respected for being unique, if you love, you tolerate and sacrifice, that’s love and respect and can only be achieved through understanding in the relationship. If your man does not want something, stop it, don’t see it as if he is trying to control you, if he tells you that seeing you around many men makes him jealous, please do away with it. If your woman does not want you to do certain things, please do away with them, that’s love and respect; it’s love because you don’t feel like doing it but you have to do it because you love him or her and it’s respect because, you respect his or her weakness. This is simply understanding in relationship: for instance, you have a partner who is always scared of losing you; all you have to do is to help him/her to stop these fears. This you can help him/her to overcome by making sure he/she does not feel this fear by doing certain things for the sake of the relationship: for instance, if having many friends around you makes your partner fear so much because he/she feels you can be taking away from him/her, all you have to do is to do away with such friends and save your partner of relationship fears.

See my friend, nothing is too much to do for love, love worth all the risk and journey, it worth all the pains and emotional breakdown. Understand is one of the key factors needed to make the love grow stronger every day; it is understanding that leads to tolerance and commitments which are very much necessary for a greater relationship. Please, try and love to extend of sacrificing your likes for his or her own likes and respect his or her fears and weakness he /she may have over love. Relationship is a wonderful journey and true love is the only risk that is worth embarking on. I hope these discussions will guide you and your partner to have a greater relationship.

Source by Renacent Anugwom Ugonna