My True Love

I have a feeling That I can’t comprehend In my deepest thoughts you are More than just a friend. I wouldn’t want […]

What She Is To Me

Look at the beauty in her eyes, a glow that shines like the sunrise. Her smile opens up the cloudy skies, her […]

Hopelessly In Love

Before I met you, I felt that I couldn’t love anyone, That nobody would be able to fill the void in my […]

If I Thought

If I thought for just one moment that this would be my last breath, I’d tell you I’ll love you forever, even […]

Silence is Golden

It is not your conversation That keeps me entertained But rather the way you look at me That makes me feel sustained […]

Advice To A Girl

No one worth possessing Can be quite possessed; Lay that on your heart, My young angry dear; This truth, this hard and […]

Know How to Love

After stepping into the world again, there is that question of how to love, how to bundle yourself against the frosted morning—the crunch […]